Friday, December 30, 2005

I'm really worried about Michael McDonald 

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I'm really worried about Michael McDonald

Several moments ago, I received a disturbing RM from Michael McDonald!
What you don't know what an "RM" is? Oh yeah, I forgot: you don't know about secret Google except for what I tell you on my blog!

"RM" stands for secret secret Google talk secret Retroactivated secret Messager internetsies. RM is like your IM or when you invade MySpace instantaneously with emoticons or whatever, except it's much much more instant. RMs propagate through interinterinternet particles at ann irregular speed, such that they travel backwards in time. Mike's RM came from several weeks hence (which, coincidentally, is when the next MMcD post-series will begin).

One part of the message was an enigmatic animatronic gifford Mike made by himself

I'm glad Mike's taking giffordogenesis into his own hands, but I dunno what those floppies are supposed to mean. I guess they're supposed to be sad, because read what the text of Mike's RM, of which here's a picture, says :

Yeah that's right, RMs are written on paper in composition notebooks. So in addition to being more instant than instant, they are also more organic. Also, you see how Michael McDonald underlined his name and wrote it in a different color pen. That's how you do links in RMs, and so, similar to internet links, when I touch the words "Michael McDonald" I go to Michael McDonald's webpage. Unlike internet links, in an RM I actually also think about Michael McDonald when I go to his webpage.

Hrvatski - Organix
Don't get jealous, maybe someday I will teach you how to do this cheatcode.

But doesn'tMichael McDonald's handwriting look wierd? I think he's still dancing to the Hardoff remix Epcot's imagineers threw at him.

Saying that thing about "Numbers are not just facts", Michael McDonald is alluding to Digby's post about this Post garbage, but the numbers Mike's talkin bout are the numbers his new Xmas album is doing, and those are some big numbers. So why does he say he feels bad? I don't know, and not knowing is all the more baffling!

I do know this: fuck whoever might want to talk down on Michael McDonald because his last 3 albums have been Motown, Motown 2, and an Xmas album (on Hallmark records!). Whoever is saying "What is he scared to songwrite the songs for himself?" Please! Ever since he was saying "Foreign Movie", Michael McDonald's credibility has been indelibility and it will be forever! So you need to just stop talking all that shit. Plus this Xmas album is hella good! Feel his FaLaLas:

Michael McDonald - Deck the halls/Jingle Bells
Michael McDonald - Auld Lang Syne/O Tannenbaum (Reprise)

And so that's the message Michael McDonald RM'd me. Michael McDonald has me so worried, because it's really unlike him to be so cryptic! Is he still planning revenge against the imagineers? Or is he too ashamed of those dances he was doing? I don't know what it means, and I couldn't write back to him to ask him to clarify, because he sent me the message from the future, and he hasn't shown me yet how to send messages to the future. I'm going to listen to his Xmas album a lot because maybe there's secret messages in it! But I'm really worried!

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